10-day Immigration Settlement Program

Our flagship service is the 10-day Immigration Settlement Program. Over the years, our team has fine-tuned this process to help immigrants set-up, start and build their new lives in the United States.

This program was birthed from a difficult personal experience. Reda Beshai, the founder of GRACE moved from Egypt to the United States in 1987 and the transition was severe. His strenuous adjustment inspired him to figure out how to help others transition into the United States in a streamlined process. Nearly three decades later, Reda Beshai and his team have done just that. Having served hundreds of families start their new lives in the United States, our 10-day immigration Settlement program focuses on four main areas:

• Settlement services
• Medical assistance
• Legal support
• Educational resources


We’re going places

And we want you to come with us... Here are the programs that Grace will be rolling out soon.


At-Risk Youth Empowerment

Studies prove that young people who were mentored were more confident, showed less behavioral challenges, performed better in school and had less anxiety compared to those who didn't have a mentor. Furthermore, young people with disadvantaged backgrounds are twice as likely to go to college when they have a mentor. The downside is that only 1 in 3 young people grow up with a mentor. Our At-Risk Youth Empowerment mentoring program will tackle that statistic to close the gap


Project Independence

Project Independence funds transitional housing and basic living expenses for people between the ages of 18-21. From our anecdotal experience, we've noticed that having a place of your own instills a sense of responsibility that empowers those who are preparing for a life outside of foster care. Entering adulthood should be a positive challenge, not an overwhelming burden. With our Project Independence program, we help propel young people into a life they build on their own.


Grace Mobile Health Clinic

The Grace mobile health clinic will give the local community access to essential health care as a preventative measure. Along with treatment, the Grace mobile health clinic will focus heavily on education and dental services to support self-sufficiency of good health.


Housing Goods Program

Shelter with no furniture is just a few connected rooms. But when you have the basic goods like a bed, table and a couch, it turns into a home. These basic elements of a living space are where life happens. And this is why Grace's Housing good Program is vital to the local community. We have pickup runs for basic home goods 7 days a week that are all offered to families who don't have the resources to purchase things like beds, tables, and couches.